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another post starting off with [15 Jul 2005|02:52pm]
[ mood | hot ]

damn, its been a while since i made a post....umm
me and ash broke up, were getting back together, i been going out skating alot to clear my mind, and last night at 3 sumthin in the mornin, my hardware came off while i was riding my board, so when i picked up the board, bam! the back truck fell off, so that sucked

ron, one of my boys for YEARS, is getting married saturday, which ius nuts, they havent been goin out long either, i've had wounds that have takin more time to heal, compared to the dating, and now there gettin married

the weather sucks here, its hot and humid nonstop, for the 1st time ever i've found myself takin 2+ showers a day, just so i dont feel disgusting, even inside with the ac on its too hot

my friend just got a job as assistant manager at a thrift store, and she said she could get me a job there, so, i think after the gathering ima have me a job at the thrift store

im poor still, i would kill for a cigg right now, ive gone from 2 packs a day, to whutever my friends give me, it blows man, it blows, no one read this when i used to post, so i think im done here

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[11 Jun 2005|10:08am]
[ mood | crappy ]

lets see, might be goin to get my other off center labret done, but as far as money goes, im not 100% sure

i went to pay my phone bill, and they said even if i pay it off, it still wont get connected, so i have this to say..FUCK YOU VERIZON

i got fired, so i have this to say...FUCK YOU TARGET

damn im feelin down

my car isnt fixed yet

the past 24 hours really sucks, and hopefully the next 24 wont

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life [02 Jun 2005|11:01am]
  • damn, i have not posted in here, in quite some time, lets see whuts goin on in my life
  • been workin alot
  • sometimes gettin 40 hours or more a week
  • i hate target because the boss is havin bitches fuckin spy on me
  • hangin with johnny a little
  • havent skated in ages, cuz skatin by yourself sucks, and johnny is scared to hurt his ankle again...(pussy)
  • gettin bitched at, at work for listening Carnival of Carnage, when my boy chad listened to it next to some managers
  • i get paid friday
  • the pimpass buick is finally dead
  • for those of you who did not know, i have a new car and it is currently being worked on th the areas finest technical engineer (actually my grandma told my uncle to work on it)
  • im gettin the POS buick outta the yard, and my uncle is puttin it in the DEMO DERBY so he can fix my car, which works, saves me 300 bucks, and the buick still gets to be in the DEMOLITION DURBY!!!!!
  • saw starwars episode 3, the thursday after it came out, which was exactly a week after everyone at work saw it =\
  • i currently have THE ITCH which costs money, ecspecially since i've i got the itch for some piercings, and a new tat or 2
  • aint seen ashley in weeks, feels like its been a few months
  • i miss having fun
  • i need to do some laundry
  • i need a shower
  • wanna get my bike workin again
  • wanna save up to get a real bike
  • im poor....still
  • i goota crap sooo bad
  • so bored
  • everything cost money
  • nothing fun here is free
  • doubt i'll be seeing ashley for another long while
  • more ranting later when i can think of more to throw in, or when i do something interesting
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[14 Apr 2005|02:08pm]
[ mood | tired ]

damn, not much has been goin on here, got sum new shoes, new pants, new job, and whutnot


but its all good, im a night stocker at target, i get to scan shit in the backroom, throw it in a box, then give to ppl on the floor to unpack, and i get to do that from 10pm-6:30 am..WOOOOOOOOOO
fun shit, i know....lets see, missed the allstar tour cuz my uncle died, and my only ride found out she had work...fuckin shit...

::lights cigg::

i get paid tomorrow, so i get to see how much ima be making! yay, then i got work again saturday, but im off sunday, and keith is comin down so i get to hang with him for a lil bit saturday

oh yeah, im tryin to get a new car! found a 96 hyundai accent for only 500, and keith said he would drive the 2 hours to come get me, drive down to his house to see it, and drive me home! damn whut a nice guy, lol, im about to call the dealership to ask em about it, but ALL my money from work is goin towards this car, so im going to me 100% broke till i get it, cant wait till i get it, gonna be the shit, having a..dare i say it...reliable car..::gasp::

ahhh, then in the summer me and ashley will be moving up to fredrick, with kitti, and stress, havin our own place, well, i think thats about all the updating i can do for now, so.........im gone

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[11 Mar 2005|08:19am]
well well well, lets see, joe came back from the army, and spent like 1,500 sum dollars one paintball shit for him and johhny, fuckin stupid, umm lets see, been goin to the bar alot lately, to play pool. i've been coughing alot...i think its from smoking crap ciggs the past 2 weeks, it sucks, im coughing WAY too uch....i still need to go look for a job at target, im broke as fuck, which means i wont be able to attend the PSYCHOPATHIC ALL STAR TOUR, so anyone whos goin, i wish u the best, u lucky assholes, i need to get my piercing supplies straight, which is another reason i need money, i got 3 people currently waiting for me to get the stuff

keith is comin down this weekend so thats awesome, were goin to BWB again tonight, then its off to ihop, and we made a list of who is gonna be at ihop, because were always on the way there thinkin how big our party is, its usually no bigger then 10, this time, 20 people!

i have alot more to say, but i have to go, but u get the gist, im poor, i cant do anything that involves money, and keiths comin down, were gonna have a shitload...MAYBE even TWO shitlods of fun, we'll have to see about that tho

well i only update once every few months, so, yall better read this, and somone better leave a comment
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